Yuliya Besarab

Yuliya has been dancing professionally for many years, starting in her native Ukraine and continuing since arriving in the United States. Her focus is on the International styles of ballroom dance. Together with her partner, Sergiy Samchynsky, she is the three-time and current U.S. Professional Ten Dance Champion. At the 2015 World Professional Ten Dance Championship, the two of them placed 2nd. In addition to working at Academy Ballroom, Yuliya has coached the competition team for the Ballroom Dance Club at Georgia Tech since its inception in 2015.

Erin Wrobel

Erin began dancing when she arrived at college in 2018, swiftly growing to love the sport and the community around it. She served as an officer on the board for two years and now coaches both the social and competitive sides of the club with her partner Faith Womack. Now working as a software engineer in Atlanta, Erin is excited to be able to dance with people in person again and to introduce more people to ballroom.

Faith Womack

Faith is a third year computer science major who joined ballroom casually for the socials her first year. Two years later her favorite style is International Standard Waltz, and she will attempt to teach anyone she knows how to dance east coast swing. When she’s not at practice, Faith loves to cook and read fantasy novels. She can’t wait to help everyone fall in love with Ballroom this year!

Will Zhang

Will joined GT Ballroom in 2016 and have been competing ever since. Even though he graduated in 2018 (B.S.BME), he just can’t stay away from the dance floor. Will has met so many great people through ballroom, directly and indirectly, and he hopes our future members will, too. When he's not dancing, he love to read fantasy novels, try new restaurants, and meeting stray cats in random places around town. Will will be teaching intermediate lessons for the Ballroom Dance Club at Georgia Tech, and will see you there!

Arina Nikitina

Arina is in her 5th year of PhD in Bioinformatics, growing stem cell cultures and doing image analysis. She has been doing ballroom for 4 years now, starting as soon as she enrolled in Georgia Tech for her PhD! One of her other hobbies is playing guitar and singing, so if you are looking for a front-woman for your band call her up :).

Luke Erlandson

Luke is a fourth year PhD student in Computational Science and Engineering, who joined the Ballroom Dance Club and Team his first semester, Fall of 2018. His favorite dance to compete in is Waltz, but he has the most fun with Hustle. He is interested in many forms of technology, and is always tinkering (and often breaking) his devices. He loves spreading his love of dance and hustle. He will be teaching newcomer choreography. Come over and say hi, but be warned that he makes terrible jokes and puns.

Darye Ji

Darye is a 4th year dairy-loving-lactose-intolerant Industrial Design student who is the number #1 supporter for post-comp ice cream on comp trips. If she's not dancing or trapped in the dungeon (studio), she'll either be napping, cooking with her roommates, or reading webtoons. Please don't let her shy sleep-deprived demeanor stop you from asking anything as she wants to help make ballroom a fun and comfortable space for all :).

Brittney Bush

Brittney is a 3rd-year CS major who started dancing ballroom back in Fall 2019. It quickly became her favorite thing to do on and off campus, and she is excited to be coaching newcomer latin with her partner Julia. Although she adores competing in latin and rhythm, she will try to convince anyone around her to learn west coast swing. Outside of the club, she enjoys caring for succulents, jamming out to Broadway, and discussing Marvel theories. She's easily recognizable by her hair, so don't be afraid to hit her up anytime.

Julia Zhu

Julia is a 3rd year CS major, ID minor (and future Master's student!) who joined the competitive team her first semester at Tech. She took a break from ballroom over quarantine and is glad to be back practicing and dancing with everyone. She adores standard quickstep and foxtrot, as well as most of the rhythm styles. Outside of ballroom she spends a lot of time traveling with friends or doodling. Julia will be teaching the latin portion of newcomer choreography. She hopes that everyone has a great time at ballroom!