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Brittney Bush (Email)

Brittney is a third year CS major and ballroom club dancer. She is very excited for socials and competitions to be back on. Dancing has always been a favorite of hers, and currently her favorite ballroom styles are East and West Coast Swing. Outside of ballroom, she enjoys taking care of her succulents, boba trips, and attempting to belt Broadway music. She loves meeting new friends, and wants to welcome all to this club with open arms. Feel free to come and say hi at any time.

Vice President

Katja Meuche (Email)

Katja is a second year PhD student in Industrial Engineering. She joined the Ballroom Dance Club during her first year at Georgia Tech. Her favorite dances are Tango and Cha Cha but she is always down to try any kind of dancing. When she isn’t dancing, she is probably trying out new cooking and baking recipes or exploring the outdoors. As the Vice President, she wants to get more people dancing, so if you have any suggestions or requests concerning dance classes, schedules or social and competitive dancing, feel free to reach out.


Chris Gibbs (Email)

Chris is a first year ISyE major and is thrilled to have jumped right in with both feet (luckily, only one of them is his left) as a social and competitive ballroom dancer! The American Smooth styles, especially Tango, are his favorite dances, but he enjoys leading for whatever is playing at the moment. When not dancing, he is usually occupied by being a huge nerd, and he would love to converse in French and/or pet your cats. He looks forward to seeing all of you dancing soon!

Social Chair

Aditya Kaushik (Email)

Aditya is a second-year CS major who joined the ballroom dance club in his first year at Tech. He is excited for ballroom socials to be on again and for non-covid activities to resume. His favorite ballroom styles are Cha cha and Quickstep. Apart from the club, he loves to work on math puzzles, go rock climbing, or watch basketball. You might ask him how he feels about the Celtics (or not, he might start ranting for hours). He hopes that many new dancers will attend the socials this year and become acquainted with the art of ballroom dancing.

Competitive Coordinator

Josh Shafran (Email)

Josh is a first year Masters student in Robotics. He joined the Ballroom Dance Club during his first semester of grad school. His interest was sparked in Irvine, CA the summer before grad school when he learned East Coast Swing and wanted to continue at Georgia Tech. Finding the Ballroom Dance Club, Josh was excited to not only continue to learn East Coast Swing but to also learn all 16 Ballroom dances! Loving the club so much, Josh volunteered to become the next Competitive Coordinator. He feels that dancing is a dying art that should be fostered, openly expressed and enthusiastically promoted. He is always happy to answer any questions or talk about anything, especially regarding Ballroom or working out.

Director of Outreach

Faith Womack (Email)

Faith is a third year computer science major who joined ballroom casually for the socials her first year. Two years later her favorite style is International Standard Waltz, and she will attempt to teach anyone she knows how to dance east coast swing. When she’s not at practice, Faith loves to cook and read fantasy novels. She can’t wait to help everyone fall in love with Ballroom as Director of Outreach!

Interested in Helping Out?

All of our officers volunteer their time to make the club as great as it can be. If you are interested in being an officer, we have elections in March. If you are interested in helping out one of our officers with their duties, send them an email and let them know.