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Luke Erlandson (Email)

Luke is a third year PhD student in Computational Science and Engineering, who joined the Ballroom Dance Club and Team his first semester, Fall of 2019. His favorite dance to compete in is Cha Cha, but he has the most fun with Hustle. He is interested in many forms of technology, and is always tinkering (and often breaking) his devices. One of his main goals for the semester is to expand the social club and get more people dancing! Come over and say hi, but be warned that he makes terrible jokes and puns.

Vice President

Brittney Bush (Email)

Brittney is a second year CS major. She joined the Ballroom Dance Club in her first semester, then started competing the following semester. Her favorite styles include Smooth Tango, Standard Quickstep, and Latin Cha Cha, but she really enjoys dancing in general. She danced at a studio for years before coming to college and trying out ballroom, quickly falling in love. Outside of ballroom, she enjoys spontaneous boba trips, badly singing broadway songs, and exploring. She enjoys making new friends so please come say hi!


Julia Zhu (Email)

Julia is a second year CS major who joined the Ballroom Dance Club the fall of her freshman year and started competing. Her favorite competitive dances are Standard Quickstep and Latin Cha-chat, but she loves Hustle when social dancing (she enjoys the momentum). Outside of ballroom, you can find her doodling or experimenting with different art/video editing software. Feel free to reach out if you want to talk!

Social Chair

Cameron Russ (Email)

Cameron is a fourth year BMED/Pre-Med, and has been dancing with the competition team since her second semester at Tech. She loves the American styles, but really loves American Rhythm. Her favorite dance is American Rhythm Swing. She is always excited to learn new things. From medicine to ballroom, she loves to stay informed. As the returning Social Chair, she hopes to continue to host amazing social dances and to offer more social opportunities off of the dance floor. Come say Hi, and get to know her and let her know what ideas you have to make the club that much better!

Music Coordinator

Darye Ji (Email)

Darye (pronounced as "dye-ri," but if that's too hard, "dairy" works too for this dairy-loving lactose-intolerant gal) is a third-year Industrial Design major who joined Ballroom after a social her first semester. She loves dancing Quickstep, Jive, and Tango. She also unintentionally always looks sleep-deprived due to studio, but she'll always be down for a quick chat so don't hesistate to reach out! If you ever have any music recommendations or want to rent out sparkly costumes, you know who to go to!

Competitive Coordinator

Erin Wrobel (Email)

Erin is a third year Math major who's excited to be back for a second year as comp coordinator! She's been competing since October 2018, and while her favorite style is International Standard, Smooth Viennese Waltz and West Coast Swing will always have special places in her heart. In what little free time she has left after feeding her ballroom obsession, she enjoys reading, martial arts, and late night conversations. In addition to improving the team's competitive performance, she hopes to help it become as fun and welcoming as possible, so be sure to come say hi!

PR Director

Matthew Oswald (Email)

Matthew is a 3rd year IE major who has a lot of fun dancing. He's one of the coolest people you'll ever meet, so say hi to him and introduce yourself. If you have any ideas for graphic designs for t-shirts or events feel free to reach out! We're always open to suggestions.

Interested in Helping Out?

All of our officers volunteer their time to make the club as great as it can be. If you are interested in being an officer, we have elections in March. If you are interested in helping out one of our officers with their duties, send them an email and let them know.