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Apurva Routhu (Email)

Apurva started ballroom dancing when she came to Tech and immediately fell in love with it, partly due to the beautiful dresses involved and her fondness for movies like Moulin Rouge! and Step Up . Her favorite style is either samba or rumba... or cha cha... or waltz...this list will never end. When she's not dancing, she's probably reading or trying to get through her massive list of must-see movies, but she also sometimes does homework in pursuit of a degree in biochemistry. If you're interested in being more involved in the club or maybe just want to share any ideas/insights/passing thoughts, feel free to reach out and say hi!

Vice President

Olivia Apergis (Email)

Olivia is a fourth year civil engineering major. She joined the Ballroom Dance Club in the spring of her freshman year, then started competing the following semester. Her favorite parts of dancing are the fun music and learning new choreographies. Outside of dance she enjoys art and spending time in nature. She is very friendly and would love for you to introduce yourself!


Ajanta Choudhury (Email)

Ajanta is a second year Biology major who joined the Ballroom Dance Club and competition team last fall. Her favorite dances are American tango, American foxtrot, and International rumba, but she basically likes them all. Outside of ballroom, some of her hobbies include checking out local thrift stores and coffee shops/restaurants. (Fun fact: she has a bucket list for ATL coffee shops.) Feel free to say hi and reach out!

Social Chair

Cameron Russ (Email)

Cameron is a third year BMED/Pre-Med, and has been dancing with the competition team since her second semester at Tech. She loves the Latin and American Rhythm styles most, but is becoming very fond of American Smooth. Her favorite dance is American Rhythm Rumba. She is always excited to learn new things, whether it be new ballroom choreography, the latest medical miracle, or something completely new. As the new social chair, she hopes to liven up the already amazing social dances and other social aspects of the club. Outside of dance, Cameron loves to coach cheer, play games, bake, and volunteer with kids. Contact her if you have any ideas on how to make the social side of the club that much better!

Music Coordinator

Vanessa Leung (Email)

My name is Vanessa Leung and I'm a third-year biology major. I danced ballet and swing before college, but I fell in love with ballroom dancing the Fall semester of my second year and decided to join the competition team. My favorite ballroom dance is Cha-Cha, but Hustle is my favorite style overall. Nevertheless, I appreciate how much variety there is in ballroom dancing and how it can make anyone a more versatile dancer.

Competitive Coordinator

Erin Wrobel (Email)

Erin is a second year Math major who joined the Ballroom Dance Club in September 2018 and quickly became obsessed. Her favorite dances are Tango, Quickstep, and West Coast Swing. Outside of ballroom, she is a second degree black belt and has performed in multiple Shakespeare plays. One of her main goals is to promote cohesion and outreach for the club and competition team, so don't be afraid to come say hi!

PR Director

Luke Erlandson (Email)

Luke is a second year PhD student in Computational Science and Engineering, who joined the Ballroom Dance Club and Team his first semester, Fall of 2019. His favorite dance to compete in is Cha Cha, but he has the most fun with Hustle. He is interested in many forms of technology, and is always tinkering (and often breaking) his devices. One of his main goals for the semester is to expand the social club and get more people dancing! Come over and say hi, but be warned that he makes terrible jokes and puns.

Interested in Helping Out?

All of our officers volunteer their time to make the club as great as it can be. If you are interested in being an officer, we have elections in March. If you are interested in helping out one of our officers with their duties, send them an email and let them know.